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I know Fox has been very much a part of the legacy of the Friday Night Death Slot legacy but renewing Fringe was not smart.

22 Jan 2011 ... "Fringe" finally makes its move from Thursdays to the "X-Files" time slot. I refuse to call it the "Friday night death slot," partially because I don't ... Fringe (2008) - News - IMDb Fringe (2008) on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more. ... developed a cult following despite its move to the so-called "Friday night death slot" and low ratings. Strange Parallels: 4 Ways Fringe Tops Lost | WIRED 6 May 2011 ... Not so much, especially since the show was shifted to the "Friday night death slot. " Still, Fox has renewed the series for a fourth season, and the ...

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Others use broadcast automation to pass-through network feeds unattended, with no one outside of broadcasting authority-mandated personnel and emergency anchors/reporters present at the local station overnight. Dayparting - Wikipedia

In one corner, we have Fringe — the best major network sci-fi show on the air. In the other corner, we have the dreaded Friday night death slot on Fox. Fringe was recently moved from Thursdays to Fridays, where the last two episodes have aired.

Fringe’s renewal for a fourth season, thanking the fandom for their support. In November 2011, during the fourth-season hiatus, The Fringe Movement was practically disbanded after their leaders had ceased participation in the fandom, and ratings were still low in the Friday Night Death Slot. Fan mashes up Fringe and Firefly to protest Friday Night ... Fox moves Fringe to the Friday night "death slot" Now that Fringe is fast becoming the best show on television, it's time to say goodbye.… Read more Read

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27 Jan 2013 ... Forum > Questions and Answers board > Is Season 5 will be the last and final ... to begin airing Fringe on Fridays, which is usually the "Death Slot," meaning ... thing for such a low rated show in the Friday Night Time Slot.

Numbers from the first Fringe Friday outing rose an additional 42 percent, driving the 18-49 rating from a 1.9 to a 2.7. [blastr]. I still think it makes sense toThe only reason Friday has a reputation as the “death slot” is because Joss Whedon’s shows go there. And only the loudest, most annoying nerds...

The "Friday night death slot" or "Friday evening death slot" is a perceived graveyard slot in American television. It implies that a television program in the United States scheduled on Friday... FRINGE: Friday Night Death Slot, Lead In, Audience,… Fringe has been relegated to the dreaded Fox Broadcast Company's Death Slot on Friday night beginning in January 2011 and many are hearing the death knell for the popular Scifi TV series. Legacy of the Death Slot This time slot has spelled doom for my TV shows before it - Firefly and Terminator... Fan mashes up Fringe and Firefly to protest Friday Night… With Fox shuffling Fringe off to the hinterlands of Friday night, YouTuber Gualcit has made fictional opening credits for the show's next episode, "Firefly," which isFox moves Fringe to the Friday night "death slot". Now that Fringe is fast becoming the best show on television, it's time to say goodbye.…